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Innovative Specialty Manufacturer Equips Flexible, Scalable ABS to Meet Wide-Ranging Needs
ELYRIA, Ohio – April 26, 2017 – Pratt Industries, Inc. builds trailers and chassis for just
about every sort of specialized cargo imaginable, from intermodal containers and modular
homes to concrete panels and red-hot steel. At its plants in Bridgman and Niles, Michigan, the
45-year-old company offers more than 4,000 different models for practically any job.
What do those trailer models have in common, besides the Pratt nameplate? The
availability of the Bendix® TABS-6™ trailer antilock braking system, which Pratt has named as
standard equipment.

“We’re in every segment of transportation, with equipment in every rail yard and shipyard
in the country,” said Kent Musick, president of the company, whose headquarters are in
Bridgman. “Specialized equipment is what we’re really good at: The kind of projects that would
normally disrupt a production line fall right in our core. We’re known as the innovative company
you come to when you need a trailer with the capability to deliver something extra.”

Bendix TABS-6 is a small, scalable, lightweight system that eliminates the installation
and maintenance difficulties often associated with other trailer ABS units. Because it includes
integral 5-pin and sensor connections, TABS-6 has fewer components to install and connections
to make, providing greater reliability. It also features Bendix’s patented SelectSmart™ control
technology, as well as Auxiliary Design Language (ADL), enabling special functions that would
normally require a separate Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

Unique Challenges, Demanding Projects

The flexibility of the Bendix® TABS-6™ trailer antilock braking system and potential for
advanced control logic are must-haves for a company like Pratt.

“When you’re addressing as many different types of needs and situations as Pratt
tackles in its trailer and chassis designs, it makes sense to build on an ABS that combines
superior braking performance with a compact, modular design that’s easily configured to meet a
range of challenges,” said Scott Burkhart, Bendix vice president – sales, marketing, and
business development. “The Pratt team never shies away from taking on unique and demanding
projects for their customers, and they’re committed to delivering the best and safest equipment
possible. Those are attitudes we completely understand at Bendix, and we’re proud to support
them with safety systems and know-how we’ve developed over decades.”

Pratt’s products are at work in almost every segment of North American transportation:
Its chassis and trailers operate in rail yards and shipyards, as well as in the oil and gas markets,
plus serve niche applications within many major fleets. The company’s reputation as an
innovator is built in large part on extensive research, testing, and reliance on high-quality

“Our product decisions are made through engineering – they drive what we use and
how we use it, from the materials in paint coating and corrosion control to our Bendix safety
systems,” Musick said. “We qualify everything used on our equipment. All that extra time and
effort does come with slightly higher initial investment on our customers’ end, but we are proud
of the fact that we cater to companies who are looking for lower total cost of ownership, life
cycle savings over time, and an emphasis on safety.”

Bendix’s safety technologies are not meant to enable or encourage aggressive driving:
They are intended to complement safe driving practices, and support safe, responsible
operation of commercial vehicles. Responsibility for the safe operation of any commercial
vehicle remains with the driver at all times.

Bendix, the North American leader in the development and manufacture of active safety
and braking solutions for commercial vehicles, aims to help fleets and drivers lower total cost of
vehicle ownership and strengthen return on investment in equipment and technology. Through
its ever-growing portfolio of technologies and unparalleled post-sales support, Bendix delivers
on areas critical to fleets’ success, including safety, vehicle performance, and efficiency.
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