Inverter Sales on the Rise in New Truck Orders



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Inverter Sales on the Rise in New Truck Orders

BURNABY, British Columbia, March 17, 2017 — The inverter – that electronic box that makes it possible to run all sorts of on-board and in-cab AC appliances off a truck battery – is rapidly becoming a standard option on Class 8 sleeper trucks.

xantrex 3-18-17

According to Mitul Chandrani, senior marketing manager for Xantrex business at Schneider Electric, inverter installs on new trucks increased by 17 percent over the last two years. “And we expect that number to go up another 5 percent this year,” he said.

Xantrex is the dominant inverter brand offered as a factory install on most new Class 8 trucks.

“Drivers love inverters since they can power all their household appliances – like laptops, microwaves and TVs, just like at home,” said Chandrani. “Fleets are figuring that out and the easiest thing for them to do is order an inverter as a factory option. It ensures the correct wiring is done, and the inverter is installed in an optimum location. The fit and finish is better as well.”

According to Chandrani, one technology swing has been the truck OEMs offering inverter/chargers, instead of just inverters. “It’s something we’re glad to see,” he said. “This way truckers can plug in their trucks at truckstops and locations offering shore power and power all their appliances while recharging their batteries. Then, if they need to run off battery power down the road, they’re fully topped off.”

About Xantrex

The Xantrex brand, owned by Schneider Electric, is one of the most successful and popular brands of onboard AC power technology. Xantrex products are used in a variety of applications in the commercial truck, RV, marine, military, construction, EMS, bus, work service vehicle markets. Xantrex ensures its products are put through extensive reliability testing and certifies its products to comply with various regulatory standards to meet or exceed the applicable requirements for safety, quality, efficiency and environment. With more than three decades of design, engineering and manufacturing experience backed by Schneider Electric’s global infrastructure, Xantrex power solutions offer a mix of advanced technology and unmatched bankability.